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Watch New Ruthless Tactics Used By Thieves To Rob Your Car

In a very disturbing development,  heartless highway robbers are now spiking the roads with huge metal steel rods to puncture tyres and force cars to stop in order to rob them. iHarare received a video which shows part of the Beitbridge-Bulawayo road where the miscreants have used d-formed metal bars to spike a stretch of the road.

The way the spikes have been placed in the road is such that drivers can’t see the spikes because they are so close to the ground.  The robbers actually went a step further and sharpened the bars.  They are meant to puncture the wheels of vehicles passing through the area, to enable the thieves to rob the victims when they stop to change their tires.

However, this also means that if a vehicle passes through the booby-trapped stretch of road at high speeds, the driver may most likely lose control of the vehicle when the tires get punctured by the spikes.

In the video, one of the people can be heard lamenting that his now ruined tyres were brand new and that he purchased them for R2 800. Another man highlights that the spikes appear to have been sharpened by an industrial tool such as a grinder.

Take a look at the video,