NEWS has reached Harare Live from former Daily News editor-Stanly Gama-revealing that South African based Zimbabwean businessman, Roland Muchegwa aka Uncle Roland, has been fined R68 million by South African Revenue Services (SARS) for alleged tax evasion.

It is alleged that the big spender who has been under investigation for alleged graft charges is currently under lockdown with his fuel depot in Johannesburg temporarily shut down.

Stanley Gama says: “Uncle Roland, real name Roland Muchegwa is under siege right now. SARS has hit him with an R68 million fine for duty evasion in SA. His fuel depot in Joburg is under lockdown right now with multiple law agencies investigating his dealings in fuel. Not sure if he is also in SA.”

This comes barely 2 months after iHarare reported that the ladies man had his bank accounts frozen by the authority following reports that he was under investigation after attracting attention from the authority by his excessive show of wealth.

Uncle Roland’s ostentatiousness lifestyle is alleged to have triggered the authority to conduct a lifestyle audit on him after he went viral on social media for splurging money on beautiful Mzansi women keen to make a ‘quick buck’.

Muchegwa is alleged to be part of a fuel smuggling syndicate which has been diverting cheap fuel from areas like Kwazulu Natal province after misrepresentation of export and allegedly selling it at a profit in Limpopo province.

The well-knit syndicate also allegedly imports fuel from South Africa and lies that it’s in transit to DRC but offloads it in Zimbabwe where there are fuel shortages and feeds the black market for ridiculous profits.

The tanker then proceeds to DRC filled with water, because the weighbridge cannot dictate the type of liquid but quantity of contents, so this exercise legitimises the rot.


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