Grammy nominee, the African Giant, Burna Boy has sensationally claimed he is the best and stated it as a fact.

The Ye hitmaker who is headed to Zimbabwe for a performance, courtesy of Kayse Entertainment, says everyone you think is the best knows that he is the best since Fela Kuti, the late Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre and human rights activist.

this of cause stired a lot of backlash from his fans who thought the artist is being too proud.

“I am ur fan no doubt, u are big and doing great but 4 being the best after Fela, I vehemently disagree , b4 u started pple laid the foundation of wat u are leveraging on today and bro those dudes were greater yet never bragged about being the best. I come in peace.” one fan replied.

Others though supported the artist.

Well, the part where everybody missed is that he said he doesn’t care about being the best anymore.


He became popular in 2012 after releasing “Like to Party”, the lead single from his debut studio album L.I.F.E (2013).

In 2017, Burna Boy signed with music label Bad Habit/Atlantic Records in the United States and Warner Music Group internationally.

It was his third studio album Outside (2018) that marked his major-label debut.

In 2020, he won Best International Act at the 2020 BET Awards.

We know that Burna Boy is among the richest entertainers in the country.

His songs are popular with record sales not only within the country but internationally.

No wonder he was featured in the Forbes top richest artist in Nigeria.

Presently, Burna boy has many endorsement deals, one with STAR beer worth millions of Naira.

He has other investments, cars and even landed properties. Burna boy’s net worth as estimated by Forbes is $17 million.

Who is Burna boy dating?

It is no rumours again that Burna boy is dating London Jamaican STEFFLON DON.

The couple has flaunted their relationship on social media countless times.

Burna boy’s girlfriend is also a popular London singer and musician.Stefflon Don Burna boy

Steff was reported to be on Burna’s team during his African Giant Tour.

How is Burna boy related to Fela?

Burna boy is not directly related to Fela, however, His grandfather Benson Idonije once managed Fela Kuti.


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