Stay woke people! Cassper felt the need to send the message out there, that Valentine’s Day isn’t real and that his girl… isn’t into it either.

Cassper Nyovest isn’t into buying expensive gifts on Valentine’s Day, the rapper feels the whole thing is just a money-making scam and people should really be ‘woke’ about the bigger picture.

Maybe, the rapper is onto something. There is a lot of pressure on people to buy fancy gifts for their lovers on Valentine’s Day and it can be a costly expense.

He shared his opinion with fans on Twitter with a video post, detailing his thoughts on the day. Cass also asked peeps who receive and give massive gifts to not post it on social media. Insisting that it puts a lot of pressure on the ‘ordinary man’.

Cassper also added that his lady isn’t expecting anything lux, she’s more focused on the sentimentality of a gift.

“My girl is sentimental, she doesn’t like expensive things”, he pointed out. Finally, we got the confirmation that Cassper has a girlfriend but we digress.

Even Vee Mampeezy, enjoyed Cassper’s post on Twitter, dubbing him his ‘preacher of the day’.

So seems like all the Tswana ordinary guys want the woman and men to cancel Valentine’s Day entirely. Can that be done, though? We’ll have to see if Cassper’s sermon instilled change next year.

– ZAlebs


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