Kairo blesses her parents, AKA & DJ Zinhle with sweet Valentine’s Gifts – Pictures! Kairo Forbes is one thoughtful three year old! She gifted her super famous parents, AKA and DJ Zinhle with cool Valentine’s Day gifts!


Being socially aware is a big part of childhood development. Such could be attributed to three-year-old Kairo Forbes. Her parents respectively posted the bouquet of red roses and handwritten cards presented by their sweet and thoughtful daughter on Valentine’s Day.

For Daddy:

AKA's gift from KairoAKA's gift from Kairo

However, DJ Zinhle jokingly suspected that, Kairo must have been assisted – possibly by her Grandmother, in constructing the sweet message on the card, hence Kairo only goes as far as writing her name only.

For Mommy:

DJ Zinhle's gift from KairoDJ Zinhle's gift from Kairo

In return, Kairo received beautiful roses from daddy dearest. Ncaw we’re here for this trio!

Kairo's gift from AKA



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