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Thembisa Mdoda Shows Off Hubby Finally

South African celebrities really turned up the charm this Valentine’s Day but one person who managed to get the masses talking is Thembisa Mdoda. The presenter and actress diverted from her usual when she showed off her husband for the very first time. We’ve known for a long time that uSis Thembisa is in a happy and healthy relationship, but for an equally long time we didn’t have any idea of who the lucky man in her life was.

This all changed on Valentine’s Day when the former Our Perfect Wedding presenter showed off her very own perfect man for the first time ever. And we have to say, we are extremely happy for Ms Mdoda!

It seems as if things are not only going well for the lovers romantically, but they are enjoying good fortunes in their respective careers too. Thembisa also revealed that both she and hubby found themselves among the SAFTA nominees:

Speaking to the press earlier this year, Thembisa revealed exactly what it is that she loves about her man when she said, “I think we met at the exact right time, you know, when everything was just coming together. That is very scary because I was like: ‘I’m focusing on my career and my kids’ and then it just happened. You know when it just hits you and you are like: ‘oh cr*p’. But he’s incredible and amazing human being and he boyfriends really well.”

Here’s to queens finding themselves in healthy, peaceful and accommodating relationships.

-Mbare Times