A 63-year-old man from Makoni area in Mashonaland Province was humiliated last week after he was cornered red-handed with a married woman.

The incident took place on Valentine’s Day.

In videos and images that have been trending on social media (see below), Mr. Isaiah Brighton Chirongwe was paraded before a camera dressed only in a red underwear, and forced to confess that he had been b___0nking a married woman when cornered.

It was not immediately clear where the incident took place, with varying accounts from many people.

The white-haired man was also forced into writing a letter acknowledging that he had wronged the husband to his lover, who was not identified.

Chirongwe, in accepting his crime, agreed to surrender his vehicle, a battered old sedan. He also agreed to bring four live cattle as payment for damages to the lover’s husband.



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