The city of Harare’s Fire Brigade service recently came under fire for failing to put out a fire which broke out in the city recently.

While in some cases the fire brigade crew usually arrives with barely enough water to get the job done, this time they had the water in full capacity but a malfunctioning hose stalled the fire extinguishing process.

The long hoses had serious leakages which resulted in very little water being distributed to douse the flames.

Puddles of water could be seen forming from the leaking hose as the precious liquid gushed out onto the dirt.

Journalist Larry Moyo shared the video clip lamenting the desolate state of capital city’s fire brigade.

Watch the video below:

This follows the latest incident in which a number of shops in Magaba, Mbare was gutted by fire after the alleged spilling of highly inflammable alcoholic spirits.

Lately, Harare has fallen prey to ravaging fires, the recent one being at Megawatt building in central Harare, which is owned by the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA).

The ten-storey building was almost razed by fire in an incident involving an electric kettle which was let on on the 5th floor.

Luckily the automatic sprinkler system was activated and the fire was immediately put out.

Another fire recently broke out at Kurima House in Harare CBD.

There was pandemonium at the building entrance as people jostled to evacuate the premises and stood from a safe distance at Africa Unity Square.

The fire brigade was very quick to react and and they put out the fire on time.


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