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Gross video of Lucky Star Pilchards tin full of maggots exposed

Lucky Star tinned Pilchards exposed again for having a defect in its packaging as a video has circulated of a tin full of maggots.

At the weekend, West Point Processors, which supplies Shoprite, Checkers and OK stores, announced a recall of its pilchards in tomato sauce 400g tins. Customers who have purchased these items recently were urged to return them for a refund.

West Point Processors said the recall is only related to the 400g pilchards in tomato sauce products which have the specific batch codes starting with ZST2 and ZSC2.

In its statement, West Point Processors warned that there is a small possibility that some tins in the specified batch may have a “canning deficiency” which could make them “unfit for consumption”.

Watch the result below;

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