Home Politics ‘When Will Mthuli Ncube Be Fired?’ MDC Senator Femai

‘When Will Mthuli Ncube Be Fired?’ MDC Senator Femai

MDC Senator, Morgan Femai has asked when Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube will be sacked as he is not underperforming.

Raising a question in Parliament, Femai asked what the government policy was on underperforming ministers adding that if they are really sacked, when will Ncube be fired. He said:

I would like to know government policy concerning a minister who is not performing to expectations. If it’s true that such a Minister can be fired, I want to know when Minister Ncube will be fired?

Ncube has become unpopular over the austerity measures the country embarked on, particularly, the transactional 2 per cent tax which has failed to make the economy tick at the same time causing untold suffering on the general populace.

Contrary to high expectations the nation had on the government, the country is submerged under an economic and humanitarian crisis which is characterised by a huge scarcity of mealie-meal, fuel, power, medicines, cash and foreign currency.

The economy is also now inflationary a development that has seen workers’ salaries being rapidly eroded.