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WATCH: Sbahle Mpisane surprises her mother by walking without crutches

The road to recovery has been long and difficult for one of Mzansi’s favourite fitness enthusiasts but it seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Following a car accident that left her in a wheelchair, Sbahle Mpisane surprised her mother by showing up to her office and showing her that she could walk without crutches.

In the scene, Sbahle says: “Today I am at moms office and I’m here to surprise her…she is not ready.”

She continues by telling her mother, Shawn Mkhize, that two weeks after she had an operation, she decided to go to the gym. “I started walking with two crutches and now I can walk with one crutch and then I kept practicing to obviously get myself to start maneuvering again being comfortable”.

The former fitness star then goes on to tell her mother that she tried her first squat and put full pressure on her foot.

Shawn then asks if she can see Sbahle walk for herself. The two head out onto a balcony and Sbahle walks. While walking Sbahle says, “Its not painful, it’s really not painful”.

“This is a precious moment. Do you know when you have been working hard at something, you see the end result. See her walking, I think this is an achievement”, Shawn says in her confessional.

Sbahle also posted a snippet of the scene on her Instagram page and said: “Thanks a million to my loving God, my wholehearted mother, my loving family, my trillion doctors and to you all here for your silent prayers & reach outs that comforted me in my suffering. I’m truly thankful”.

Watch the video below: