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Rich Somizi unhappy about paying R1200 for coronavirus test; ‘What about the poor?’

Somizi Mhlongo is concerned about how the coronavirus will affect the poor.

The Idols SA judge was recently tested for the deadly virus after a worrying cough and was left shocked by the price of the test kit.

“I am at a private hospital to do tests for the coronavirus… my chest, I am coughing so you never know,” he said in a video shared on his Instagram page.

SomGaga says that he was left heartbroken when he was told how much money he would have to fork out to find out if he had the virus or not.

“I ask how much is it and they go ‘a thousand four’… That broke my heart. I asked what happens to people who can’t afford it and they said, ‘no there are public hospitals’.”

Somizi is known for his lavish lifestyle and can certainly afford a R1 400 coronavirus test kit, but he questioned how people less fortunate would cope.

“I feel that something needs to be done about this. Even if I can afford it, I think it’s too much,” he said.

The 47-year-old urged government to put measures in place to make sure that public clinics and hospitals are ready.

“I think this is where the department of health and the presidency needs to step in and really do something about it because not everyone has access to proper clinics and hospitals and I do not think that people should pay to get tested for something like this,” he said.

Singer Amanda Black also expressed concern about what will happen when the virus spreads in townships.


“Yes, the kids are at home, Who’s taking care of them? If parents are to leave work who’s feeding them? Is there gonna be some kind of subsidy from the government & private sector to pay their working force whilst they are at home waiting for this to pass?

Amanda also questioned how the private sector, which employs a large number of South Africans, would treat employees.

Award-winning musician Thandiswa Mazwai also weighed in on the coronavirus panic and how it would affect the poor.

She was left fuming when pictures when viral of South Africans emptying the shelves.

Actress Rami Chuene said that she had heard stories of people walking out with several full trolleys.
Trevor Noah, who is currently in self-isolation in his New York apartment also urged people to stop panic buying.

“Stop hoarding everything guys. You don’t have to buy all the toilet paper… calm down. People need toilet paper, people need food,” he said.

The Daily Show host took to Instagram to share a hilarious video of himself trying to sing from his New York balcony – just like the Italians are doing.

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