Mai Titi’s ex-Ben 10 Zizeo Pamyk finally speaks out – Video. There has been Drama over the last 2 weeks between comedian Mai Titi and singer Zizoe Pamyk. The two love birds who went from being the most adored couple to be one of the messy celebrity breakups we have ever had. The couples spilt whilst they were in the UK after they had gone to the Queen’s country together.

There is a lady rumoured to have been between their way to break up, a lady who is believed to have been cheating with Zizoe. Mai Titi belives Zizoe used her for fame and now that he has got he decided to dump her. Since their break-up, Mai Titi has been posting a series of video attacking the singer. In her last or should l say the latest video she revealed that Zizoe is a 2-minute noodle when it comes to sx.

She said he even can’t last 5 minutes. Zizoe had not spoken out or reacted to the many videos that were released by Mai Titi attacking him, but yesterday he finally spoke out for the first time and here is what he had to say…

-Mbare Times


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