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Watch: Tycoon Frank Buyanga hires ‘professional’ goons to abduct own child movie style

Frank Buyanga kidnaps child in Hollywood-style as custody battle turns nasty: Video. A video is going viral on social media platforms which shows two men kidnapping a 4-year-old child in Hollywood-style from a parked vehicle in Harare’s central business district in Broad daylight. When the child was kidnapped he was with Chantelle Muteswa, the ex-girlfriend of controversial businessman Frank Buyanga. Muteswa and Buyanga have been embroiled in a nasty fight over the custody of the minor child. The abduction happened at around 3 pm.

The whole abduction was captured by Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) placed outside one of the businesses. The video shows clearly a well-planned manoeuvre which is ruthlessly executed with brutal efficiency by a small group of men who seem very proficient in their craft.

A double cab vehicle stops briefly behind a commuter omnibus which is dropping off and picking up passengers, to allow two men to drop off from the vehicle. The two men who are wearing face masks, ostensibly as a precaution against the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, rush towards Chantelle’s car. Without any missteps, the men get to the car, open the door and drag the child out. All this time the woman, who is with child, (it is not clear enough t confirm her identity definitively) is preoccupied with checking something in the car’s engine.

However, she moves with remarkable speed and alacrity and quickly closes the bonnet when she notices the miscreants kidnapping the child. She puts up a brave fight as she tries to fight off the two marauders. Unfortunately, it is all in vain as the two men prove too powerful for her.

At this point, the car which had dropped off the kidnappers has now moved in front of the commuter omnibus. The two kidnappers get into the vehicle with the child and the car speeds off despite the woman’s desperate attempts.

The commuter omnibus and several people who are on foot try to chase after the kidnappers’ but they are ultimately unsuccessful.

However, the kidnappers seem to have neglected to factor in the presence of working CCTV cameras when they hatched their nefarious plan.


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