The United States of America has issued a travel advisory for its citizens following the Zimbabwean government’s declaration of a total lockdown commencing on Monday. The travel advisory read in part:

Location: Zimbabwe

Event: Airports remain open in Zimbabwe but are expected to close soon. Commercial international flights are very limited. Zimbabwe has suspended all domestic flights.

The U.S. Embassy is not chartering any flights at the moment, as there are still commercial flights leaving Zimbabwe. There will be an Ethiopian Airlines flight departing Harare today, March 28, at 15:45, and we anticipate there will be one more flight tomorrow, Sunday, March 29. Today’s flight will go to Dulles and the cost is US$2,400. We have not yet received details from Ethiopian Airlines regarding the destination, cost, or departure time for Sunday’s flight. The U.S. Embassy has no control over commercial ticketing.

Tickets are sold directly by the airline. The agent responsible is Fungai, on WhatsApp at +263 73 397 3863. You need to contact her directly to make reservations, but *please only contact her by WhatsApp message.* You will need to pay at their offices, which are located at 159 Second Street Extension (Golden Stairs) in Harare.

Actions to Take

If you are planning on returning to the United States but have been unable to obtain space on a commercial flight, please contact [email protected] with the names of your immediate family members who wish to travel. Please provide contact information including phone, WhatsApp, and e-mail, and to which city you would prefer to fly.

Ensure that your travel documents are valid. If you need to arrange an emergency passport or notarial service, please schedule an appointment by contacting [email protected]


United States Embassy Harare, Zimbabwe

2 Lorraine Drive
Tel: +263-867-701-1000
Emergency +263 -772 559-727

State Department – Consular Affairs

1-888-407-4747 or 1-202-501-4444

Zimbabwe Country Information

More: US Embassy, Harare


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