Prophecy: ‘Senior Govt Official To Cry Soon’: Pastor Ian Ndlovu Makes Stunning Revelations, George Charamba Believed To Be The One

Prominent Bulawayo man of the cloth, Pastor Ian Ndlovu of the Divine Kingdom Ministries, has called on the nation of Zimbabwe to give “heartfelt prayers” for a senior government official who he said is going to cry soon.

According to Pastor Ian Ndlovu, the person in question is a man who used to be close to former President Robert Mugabe but is now close to the incumbent, President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Pastor Ian Ndlovu also described the person as a

“senior government official…who is not directly a political figure but a senior civil servant who works with the principals of this nation.”

Pastor Ndlovu said that he saw the senior civil associate crying on at least two occasions in his visions and the spirit of God told him that the person has a great calamity awaiting him in the near future.

From what Pastor Ian Ndlovu had initially said, this could refer to only two people: George Charamba and Misheck Sibanda. Charamba was former President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson and has continued in that role for President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Misheck Sibanda is the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet to President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Sibanda served in the same role for the late former President Robert Mugabe.

Another person who could have been referred to by Pastor Ian Ndlovu is Munyaradzi Kajese. Kajese served as the chief of protocol for Mugabe and also continued in that role after Mugabe was deposed in the November 2017 military coup. However, Kajese can be comfortably ruled out as he was retired last after he reached the retirement age of 65 years.

Pastor Ndlovu, however, seems to have narrowed the choice to only one person after saying,

…there is something awaiting him in the near future which will cause him distress. So he has got a pen name which he has given himself which starts with the letter J. I would stop there.

George Charamba communicates on social media site Twitter where he uses the Twitter handle, Jamwanda.

"Official Close To Mugabe And Mnangagwa To Cry Soon"
Is George Charamba AKA Jamwanda the Senior Official Close To Mugabe And Mnangagwa Who Will Cry Soon?

You can listen to the prophecy below,

Video Credit:  Divine Kingdom TV Ministry/Youtube 


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