A ZIMBABWEAN man based in Botswana is among seven suspects who were arrested on Tuesday after robbing a security services company vehicle pula 4.9 million (about US$420,000) in Serule.

Police have confirmed the robbery and that they have managed to recover most of the stolen money.

According to police senior superintendent, Paul Oketsang, the suspected robbers, who included the driver of the security company, had inside information on the delivery of the cash from Serule to Selebi-Phikwe.

“We learnt from one of the suspects during interrogation that they had connived with the driver and we moved quickly to arrest him,” he said.

According to Oketsang’s report, four of the suspected robbers, three men and a woman, in BMW vehicle, ambushed the security van before hijacking it and drove into a nearby bush after leaving the driver and his colleague unharmed. They broke the locks and stole P4.9 million from the vehicle.

However, police managed to react swiftly after receiving a report and arrested a woman and one of the men in the vicinity of the crime scene after they had failed to account for their suspicious presence.

#22“The getaway BMW was later traced to Francistown where four more suspects were arrested – three men and another woman. Six of the suspects are Batswana and one is Zimbabwean, an illegal immigrant, Oketsang said.

“Our investigations are ongoing, we have recovered most of the money,” the Selebi-Phikwe police district chief said. – Zimbabwe Voice

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