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“Are you better than me because you are handsome?”: Watch Ginimbi taking a dig at Mudiwa live

Controversial businessman and socialite Genius Kadungure, known as Ginimbi by his associates and followers, roasted his cousin Mudiwa Hood over his looks in an entertaining live video chat on social media.

Ginimbi who seems to be very conscious about his looks made fun of his musician cousin’s perceived handsomeness, saying it did not add anything meaningful to his life.

Ginimbi even went as far as saying, he still managed to get better girls than Mudiwa despite his apparent lack of good looks. He also added that despite his good looks, Mudiwa Hood was not even the best artist.

You can watch the video below,


Ginimbi seems to be smarting from an incident which took place two years back when an angry fan spits venom at him and called him ‘ugly’ during another entertaining Instagram Live chat.

Ginimbi was not cowered by the comments however, as he hit back immediately, by laughing at his hater saying that his supposed good looks were never going to pay any of his bills.

Said Ginimbi then,

“You have made (my) day you know eish . . . I didn’t laugh since morning so you think I don’t know that I’m ugly hehehe. Even others are helping me to laugh,” Ginimbi said.

“This guy is saying I’m ugly does your handsome pay bills . . . hahahaha . . . if your handsome pay bills please come and pay bill oh my guy you still talking about ugly in 2018 . . . hehehehe but I love you too much man because you don’t think.”

This now seems to be a recurring theme in Ginimbi’s social media interactions whenever the issue of looks comes up.


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