Kabza De Small has been subjected to a lot of negative comments recently, fans constantly spew bile on him, but he doesn’t waste any time to defend himself. Just recently, his fans said he was developing a phuza face and advised him to stop boozing too much!

Yesterday again, a tweep who was worried about him left a sour taste in the musician’s mouth after tweeting about her growing concern on the musician’s health.

The Twitter user posted a picture of Kabza and asked if he was okay but, Kabza dragged her and said she must not start petty chats and warned her not try him.

Twitter went crazy and some tweeps weighed in their opinions and said Kabza looked worrying on the picture, while some said he was probably high.

The amapiano sensation was also trending yesterday after some of his fans said DJ Maphorisa made him famous, but Maphorisa refuted the claims.


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