Involuntarily, people are dying,
Without witnesses, souls are being stolen;
Without saying goodbye, people are departing,
Without your consent, the virus is invading.

Caskets are closing,
Tears overflowing;
Cemeteries overcrowding;
People are not returning.

Empty streets,
Buses with empty sits;
Shops with no people to collect receipts;
Not sure if eternal life exists.

Look, it’s you and I left,
Everybody has gone,
We are left alone;
Not sure if we can make it to dawn,

It has fallen into our hands,
No one knows how it ends,
Or, on what does it depends;
But we know how it offends.

You and I are now slaves,
We have no time for raves;
In front of us, our graves,

The virus has claimed many lives,
Who is going to revitalise;
There’s no time for lies,
We are scared of this tragic demise.

Open your eyes Israel,
Pharaoh has returned;
Be vigilant David,
Goliath is back;
Carry your bags Lot,
For your home is about to be burnt down.

Take your newborn baby,
And run away Joseph,
For, Herod wants him dead;
Put the baby Moses in the basket,
For the Pharaoh’s giants are coming for him.

The virus is not considering your;
Or origin

It doesn’t matter whether you’re
An electrician,
Or physician;
The pandemic hurts more than a lesion!

Takedown your ego Neiman,
For the maid is the one to help you;
Cary your sling David;
Humble yourselves brothers,
Joseph is the governor and he can help us.

Let’s put blood on our doors,
And save our selves from this pandemic;
How do we do that?

Let’s wash our hands gently,
Sanitize wherever we’re,
Practice social distancing,
And of paramount essentials,
Stay indoors!

Let’s put up our protracted resistance,
We can erase the virus from existence;
Let’s not display our ignorance,
Let’s fight while we still have a chance.

By Craig Ngwenya
‘the Fervent poet’
[email protected]
+263 78 364 9392



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