The drama queen is back again and we are carrying on, on exactly where we left in the divorce drama of Olinda and Tytan. The socialite as she always does host a live Instagram video updating us on the latest developments between her and baby daddy Tytanafter their divorce.

Which by the way has opened a can of worms for both parties. We got to know that Olinda Chapel is HIV positive after Tytan and his lawyer saw it fit to expose Olinda’s status in one of Tytan’s interviews soon after the divorce. However Olinda has moved on with her life and from what we can tell, it seems Tytan is the one bothering Olinda now.

From the latest videos from Olinda she claims Tytan is forcing her to reply to some emails he is sending to her, and we are sure they are about their daughter Nandi.


Check the videos below of Mai Nandi explaining and telling Tytan to back off and stop worrying her…


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