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‘Wakachekeresa mukadzi’: Passion Java takes a dig at Apostle Chiwenga {watch}

It seems people really are enjoyed the lockdown, well those who have data bundles to go on the internet. Because currently, the internet is on fire. Zimbabwe celebrities are making sure of that. They are pulling stunts that we did not see coming.

Zimbabwe celebrities are showing us the sides of them that we never knew they possessed. The recent feud between arguable two stunning Zim entertainers Kikky Badass and fitness bunny/Video Vixen babe Mimie Moana has grabbed so much attention since yesterday on social media.

Now on the religious side of things, the Prophets have said they can’t be left behind. Well, two controversial self-proclaimed Men of God have been racing with those who are doing beef with each other. Preacher and Pastor Talent T Chiwenga known for his blasting fellow Prophets and preachers was at it again blasting the man we can safely say is the Prophet of the moment Passion Java saying that he changed his names, deserting his real name which is Panganai Java.

But as you all guessed Prophet Passion Java or you can call him Prophet Twabam at least that’s what everybody is calling him responded in a most fashionable way possible and we all know the guy, what he is capable of. Its all-out war on the internet and its keeping people busy in this lockdown moment. Check the videos of the two below, first its Pastor Chiwenga’s video.

Passion Java’s reply

-Mbare Times

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