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God Told Me Its Prophet Makandiwa’s Time To Shine’- Says Prophet Uebert Angel:WATCH

Spirit Embassy leader, prophet Uebert Angel has revealed that God told him that it was fellow Prophet, Emmanuel Makandiwa’s moment to shine.

The pastor revealed this during an interview
“We’re talking together here and prophet Makandiwa is busy ministering somewhere. But you see the point here is we’re not showing him this DVD, but to understand one thing, there’s one thing that God told me. He says this moment I have raised these generals into place but it is a moment of Prophet Makandiwa
Prophet Makandiwa has been grabbing the limelight of late with the Zimbabwean government saying he is the real deal, a true man of God.

This declaration was made by deputy minister of information Energy Mutodi who said President Emmerson Mnangagwa was calling upon the prophets in the country to intercede for Zimbabwe.

The prophet is also said to have foretold the coronavirus back in 2015, 2016 and 2017 during his church sermons.
He is believed to have said that a new disease would emerge from the sea, it would contaminate the atmosphere and spread rapidly.
He also said it would be deadlier than HIV/Aids.

There have been disputes on the accuracy of his prophecy or if there was one at all but Makandiwa stands by his word.
Recently the prophet claimed that he was the one who saved President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s life after he was poisoned at a Gwanda rally when he was still the Vice president. He is said to have prophesied about the incident before it occurred.

Makandiwa said he was the only prophet who foresaw the event and urged people to pray for him so he wouldn’t die.

See Uebert Angel’s Interview Below

-Iharare News

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