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Check out Mai TT’s latest post that got fans worried about her sanity {Video}

The comedian who is one of those female ladies who are taking up comedy into a higher level in the country is having people worried.

Felistas Edwards aka Mai Titi recently bagged a gig to appear in one of Nollywood movies and her friend Madam Boss also scored the gig, but the way Mai Titi is acting up nowadays has left so many questions raised on social media especially by her fans.

Her break-up with Ben-10 lover Zizoe Pamyk seems to be taking a toll on her and she has been posting controversial codes that have left so many of her friends and family worried. From the break-downs live on air to the post recorded one. Mai Titi is becoming a concern for many of her close friends if what they are showing is anything to go by. In her latest post, she is speaking of taking ARVs a good thing right? but the way she is doing it in has made people wonder. Check the video below

-Mai TT

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