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“I miss being [email protected] for my people”: Zodwa Wabantu shows off dance moves in this video

Zodwa Wabantu

As we all know Zodwa Wabantu is not shy to show off her s_3xy body and to dance for Mzansi, but this lockdown is making Zodwa Wabantu is missing to dance for her people and make more money dancing. She even posted a video on her Instagram showing her fans what they are missing now and we hope she keeps posting all her other Videos and keeps her Fans entertained during this lockdown

Zodwa Wabantu

Lock-down has gotten most people off their usual deeds and Zodwa Wabantu is one of the many people involved.

The businesswoman is known for dancing “pant-less” or almost nak*d. However, since shows have been cancelled and everyone on lockdown, the star hasn’t been able to publicly perform. Taking to social media, Zodwa says she misses being nak*d in front of people.

“I miss Outdoors, I can have Fun Shame. Care Free in the World, I miss being [email protected] for my People,” she captioned the post.

-Mbare Times

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