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Passion Java show off inside his house for th first time; Watch

Passion Java finally shows inside of his house: Video. He never stops showing off and posting his luxurious lifestyle. Prophet Passion Java is one man who brags about his assets whenever he finds an opportunity to do so. He was once involved in a heated stiff competition with Ginimbi one of the youngest rich Zimbabweans in the country.

In a recent video making rounds on social media, the businessman who is affectionately known by his fans and associates as Ginimbi took a swipe at the man of cloth and claimed that most of the expensive luxury cars he claims to own are rented.

Controversial businessman Genious Kadungure has sensationally claimed that flamboyant US-based preacher prophet Passion Java does not own most of the expensive vehicles he flaunts on social media. Ginimbi made the remarks whilst showing off some of the unique features of his Bently Continental sports car which he recently imported from South Africa.

Ironically, Ginimbi was recently released from remand prison after having been arrested for allegedly undervaluing some of his luxury vehicles which he imported from South Africa. Ginimbi is accused of defrauding the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) after ‘manufacturing’ receipts for his recently acquired luxury vehicles, the Bently Continental and Ferrari 488 Spider convertible supercar.

However, this is not the first time the pair have hogged headlines after one of them spoke ill of the other. Prophet passion set tongues wagging on social media last year when he indirectly fired shots at Ginimbi after lashing out at one of his followers for comparing his flashy lifestyle to Ginimbi’s.

That story is true, that is if the people close to him are to be believed. That is the story of his birth as told by his mother, Senator for Buhera Cristine Rambanepasi. Never mind that most medical practitioners, even the United Kingdom’s vaunted NHS, say it is not advisable to wean a child off mother’s milk even after six months. It is unheard of for one to also self-wean merely three months into their birth.

Prophet Passion Java stopped breastfeeding when he was one month and three days old. Java, if the stories of those that are close to him are to be believed, had an eventful childhood, a dramatic upbringing because of “gifts” that would lead him one day to the pulpit and national fame.

Before he had styled himself as a man of God that delivers “deep revelation and forensic prophecies”, Java was already shocking those close to him with his unmatched foresight. This is true if the tales about him are to be believed. Here is a video of him showing off his house interior…

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