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Macheso to launch album

UNDISPUTED sungura kingpin Alick Macheso says June is the month that fans can expect the new album which has been receiving huge hits from snippets leaked by showgoers on the internet.

Speaking to broadcaster Andrew Neshamba, Macheso acknowledged that his fans are eager to have the new album out, hence he was now spending more time in the studio to ensure the product is well polished when it is finally released.

Among the songs Macheso has been playing to shows before the COVID-19 lockdown include crow favourite which goes by the lines: “Wajaira kundirova ndakadhakwa, nhasi uno ndakakurongera…”

Another crowd favourite is the song with the verse: “Zuro ndizuro, nhasi ndi nhasi, zuro haazombove nhasi, nekuti zuro akatodarika.”

In another promising hit, Macheso has a Chews song which talks about death being the greatest thief, taking away loved ones.

Macheso also revealed that he has a Tshangani song which he will sneak onto the album.

Meanwhile, Macheso revealed how he ended up joining the zvigure culture when he was growing up in the mines and farms in Mashonaland Central.

The trailblazing bass guitarist, who has been at the apex of Zimbabwe’s music scene for the past twenty years, also spoke about how he has integrated his own sons into the band to ensure a succession in the event that he passes on.

“If you hear my sons playing the song Shedia, you’d think it’s me,” said Macheso with a chuckle of satisfaction. He however, emphasized that playing music requires all day commitment and his sons have been giving their all to master the trade.

Never the one to dish out an unfinished product onto the market, Macheso also revealed how he worked with Freeman on the Zimdancehall hit song Ngaibake to make it the polished product it became.

Meanwhile, the Charakupa hit maker has been on the forefront of encouraging people to stay home and observe social distancing so as to lesson the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Macheso was among the earliest musicians to pause shows when cases of the coronavirus were reported in Zimbabwe, before President Mnangagwa subsequently declared a 21-day national lockdown.

It remains unclear to what extent the coronavirus will affect Macheso’s hope to have the new album out in two month’s time. – Zimbabwe Voice


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