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Returnees from UK Demand Hotel Quarantine

Zimbabwe returnees from UK
File Picture: Returnees from UK housed at Belvedere Teachers College.

ZIMBABWE has received 65 citizens from the United Kingdom and have been taken to a quarantine facility most of them are rejecting as below standard.

Secretary for Information and Publicity Nick Mangwana has notified of the development saying the returns are demanding to be taken to fancy hotels as preferred isolation facilities at government cost.

“We received 65 Zimbabweans from the UK. Available place of quarantine is Belvedere Teachers College. They are refusing this accommodation demanding hotels. Govt can’t afford. Why come from a covid19 hotspot during a lockdown & demand posh facilities at stretched public cost?”,, Nick Mangwana said.

Zimbabweans on Twitter were quick to attack these people citing there is nothing special about coming from the UK hence everyone deserves the same treatment as the rest.

“We have residents that came from South Africa & Botswana who are also in quarantine. Are those in hotels?” Solomon Harudzimbwi quips.

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