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Actress Rami Chuene Speaks On ANOTHER Lockdown Extension, #StayAtHome

Rami Chuene

As Wednesday marks 27 days of the national lockdown, veteran actress Rami Chuene urges South Africans to adjust their minds to a possible six-month-long period of staying at home.

Though the government has not officially announced that the lockdown will be extended, the veteran actress suggested that South Africans needed to get to grips with the thought of staying home longer than they had anticipated.

Taking to Twitter Rami suggested that judging from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech on Tuesday night, a six-month-long plan had been put in place which she believes meant that the lockdown was not about to come to an end any time soon.

“A provision for the next couple of months has been made. Six months to be exact. We can’t end the lockdown too soon. We must do it in phases or stages. We gonna have to be patient, trust the process and #StayAtHome.”

When the initial 21-day national lockdown was first implemented on March 26, Rami also weighed in on a heated debate over custody.

With many having opinions on whether parents with shared custody would be allowed to see their children during the lockdown, Rami highlighted that the health and safety of children should be most important.

Sharing her views on the topic, Rami took to Twitter to share her experience.

“I’m a co-parent and there was no debate about a week here, a week there. The most important thing is the health and safety of the kids. Primary parent must do the lockdown. Let’s go past 21 days then we’ll see. It’s no more business as usual, bathong! Your rights over my kids’ health? No.”

The actress added that life has changed and the world was dealing with a different normal. “Adjust. Your kids are not idiots, sit them down and explain the dangers out there,” she wrote in her tweet.

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