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Gogo Nguni contracted covid-19 from UK returnee who fled quarantine

The Country’s 4th COVID-19 fatality former Minister Sylvester Nguni’s mother reportedly contracted the virus from one Christopher Chitemere, ZimMorning Post reports.

According to the publication, Chitemere came from the UK on 11 April aboard Ethiopian Airline and was taken to Zipam where he was supposed to be quarantined for the mandatory 21 days.

However, Chitemere was sordidly released from Zipam before the quarantine period was over. City of Harare’s Director of Health Dr Chonzi who is said to be related to Chitemere however refused the allegations that Gogo Nguni (nee Chitemere) and Chitemere were related and further denied that he let Chitemere out of ZIPAM before the mandatory quarantine period was over.

Said Dr Chonzi:

Such things as the release of COVID-19 suspects is not a role specifically meant for me. That could be done by other health professionals upon carrying out relevant tests

Gogo Nguni (nee Chitemere) and Chitemere you are talking about are not related. Someone may be trying to be mischievous

However, the publication claims it has it on good faith that Chitemere who called Gogo Nguni Tete(aunt) invited Gogo Chitemere to his Borrowdale home after he left Zipam and is now wanted by the police in connection with the case.


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