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Job Sikhala fails to develop his constituency since he was elected

Job Sikhala

The Zimbabwe People’s Party Zengeza chapter has rapped the MDC Alliance legislator for the area Job Sikhala for what it called failure to develop the constituency and urged the residents to put their votes on it (ZPP).

“Let’s be fair. Below is the MP you voted in 2018 in Zengeza West. His name is Job Sikhala. What has he done so far? NOTHING. National Roads are full of potholes, our shopping centres at Zengeza 2, Zengeza 3 and Zengeza 5 are like abandoned mines, no water, no electricity. People in Zengeza 1, 5, 3 and 2, for example, sleep with taps open and dishes connected thinking that water will come and fill up those dishes in the middle of the night,” ZPP said in a statement on Facebook.

“People also connect their phones on chargers so that when the electricity comes it can charge the phone. Our lives are now guesswork and all this presents our people to risks of fire and overflowing of our stands mostly when water comes, fills drums and continue to outpouring. We have been stripped of our dignity by the people we voted. Our schools are collapsing. Don’t tell me that an MP does not do council work- No. an MP is voted to ensure that his people get services and with no services insight the MP has to take action.”

The party said they known Sikhala was from St Mary’s Constituency where he lived near Huruyadzo shops. “How has he suddenly become a Zengeza 1, 2, 5, and 3 enthusiast. Join ZPP and reclaim your dignity. If voted I will stand for Zengeza because I was born and bred in Zengeza.

I will push for a shopping mall in Zengeza, I will push for UZ to bring satellite campuses to come to Zengeza so our children can have a chance to learn in their neighbourhoods,” the party said.

“I will push for all people working in Zengeza to be paid well, I will push for the Chitungwiza to Harare railway to now become a reality, I will push for the building of vending markets, I will push for funding to be put in visual and performing arts, I will be transparent with the way we use Constituency Development money.

Join ZPP, I’m looking for people who want to contest as councillors in 6 of our wards in 2023. Let’s reclaim our Zengeza.”

-Mbare times

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