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‘Omg, It Was So Precious’ – Boity’s Cousin Thickleeyonce Speaks On The First Time She Had S3X

Do you remember your firsts? Well, social media influencer and businesswoman Thickleeyonce recalls a thing or two about her first time having sx and getting drunk.

The plus-size model took to her cozy couch and shared her “first-time tag” on her YouTube channel, Thickleeyonce Legobane, where she became candid about a few of her experiences.

Though some of SA’s faves are not outchea spilling the beans about their firsts, Thickleeyonce stuck to her motto of “keeping it real”, as she narrated her first time having sx.

“The first time I had sx. Oh my G*d, it was the absolute ghetto! But I remember it like it was yesterday because it was so precious to me and him, as it was the first time for the both of us.

“We were in high school, I’m not going to disclose how old, but, yeah, he was like my first true love, my first ever boyfriend, the first guy I really really loved. So, that’s why I didn’t have any regrets or anything.”

Thickleeyonce added that she remembers being very scared seeing that none of her friends were having sx at the time.

“I was like, so scared, scared of being shamed because it felt like such a big step. Anyway, we like did it, it was on the floor on a blanket.

“Obviously we were high school kids and there were no parents who were going to let us both be in the bedroom together, so we made a plan and we did it.”

Leeyonce expressed that it took them three days to have sx because it was so sore in beginning.

She also went on to narrate her first experience being drunk.

“I was never big on drinking, I didn’t care for alcohol as a teenager. I told myself that I’d drink when I reached the legal age but with the baps, I was like hey.

“I remember it was my matric dance I was in grade 12 after-party at some club in Sandton and then I had one Smirnoff Spin or something, I don’t know. I got stupid drunk from one cider. People were calling my best friend Lerato to check on me because I was so drunk and all over the place.”

– TimesLIVE