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Duo In Movie Style Prison Break Attempt

TWO Guruve inmates tried to break out of jail while correctional officers were playing checkers with other inmates.

The matter came to light at the Guruve Magistrates Courts yesterday when Anymore Zitsva (27) and Simbarashe Nyambare (22) appeared before resident magistrate Shingirai Mutiro. Mutiro sentenced them to 36 months and conditionally suspended six months.

Prosecutor Carson Kundiona told the court that on April 2, the inmates who were serving 44 months and eight months, respectively, were in the prison yard.

After noticing that officers were playing checkers, the inmates cut a hole through the security fence and tried to escape.

Mockias Chirume, another inmate, rushed to the fence and grabbed Zitsva’s foot while shouting for help.

Zitsva was dragged back into the yard and implicated his accomplice.


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