Lockdown: Zuva Habane says small house is important ” Ndanzwa nemusana… 21 days ndichingof*ngoreswa” {Watch}

Zuva Habane is back at it again, we all know her, what she says is almost controversial every time she faces the camera. Zuva always tackles issues most of us will label as Taboo but that’s why she is so special because she has the courage to speak about the things we are all shy to speak about yet they happen every time in our lives.

Zuva who is a few days into the lockdown in South Africa said she is already discovering a lot about herself, her new love and various other things. “It’s like God put us on slow mode to reflect because everyone was on a fast mode and too busy chasing the world and not concentrating on some important stuff. Check the video below as she explains why small houses/ side chicks are needed.


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