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Shawn Mkhize {Watch}; ‘I’m hurt to hear that my players are complaining I cut their salaries by 40%’

Businesswoman and reality TV star Shauwn Mkhize has is hurt that her players are not happy that she has cut salaries of her football club, GladAfrica Championship outfit Real Kings due to the coronavirus outbreak.

MamMkhize is one of the owners of the KwaZulu-Natal club and speaking on Ukhozi FM on Saturday set the record straight about the rumours, which have been doing the rounds.

“The salary bill of Real Kings is three times the grant that we receive from the (PSL),” said Mkhize.

“We didn’t cut players’ salaries by 60 percent, but we gave them 60 percent of their salaries. We reduced their salaries by 40 percent. I’m hurt to hear that my players are livid with that decision. I don’t think they can do that to me after all I’ve done for them.”

“I’m like a mother to these players. Not a single one of them has reached out to me to express his disappointment about our decision. They can phone me and they have access to me in various ways,” she added.