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Jacob Zuma, son Duduzane expose the truth in interview: “Lockdown was premature” {Watch}

The younger Zuma has said that in his opinion, the full national lockdown was implemented prematurely in a long interview between father and son that also makes fun of the ‘Gaddafi millions’.

Former president Jacob Zuma has said it is time for him to start speaking out on state capture in an attempt to connect the dots for South Africans who may have been misled.

In a candid interview with his son Duduzane Zuma, the former president touches on the alleged Muammar Gaddafi millions he has been accused of keeping, state capture, Deputy President David Mabuza’s poisoning plot and the decisions the country has taken amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

In the trailer of the interview, Zuma denies any links to Gaddafi’s millions and the state capture.

He said: “I wish I was sitting on money because nobody has ever shown me where the money I’m sitting on is. Nobody has said here was Zuma and the state capture. It has been my worry that Africa was colonised by Europe and I think South Africa has been part of the discussion. How do we unite Africa instead of it being controlled by former colonisers?

“My view is that we should unite South Africa, and take control against our colonisers. I think the time has come that I may now start speaking.”

Duduzane, who appeared before the Zondo commission, said the only way to shed light on state capture was to confront it instead of running away.

“To a certain degree, I can say I feel your pain. We can’t run away from these issues. We confront them because that’s who we are,” he said.

He further touched on the country’s nationwide lockdown, which is now on level 4, saying it was implemented prematurely.

“Whenever the lockdown is lifted completely, the damage has been done. I believe that a full lockdown of South Africa was a bit premature at that time. There hasn’t been much that’s been done, in my view. Not because we don’t know what to do but because there’s no willingness to do so,” he said.

Towards the end of the clip below, Duduzane further made fun of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s struggle with his face mask, much to his father’s amusement.

Watch the video below:

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