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5-year-old who stole mom’s SUV to buy a supercar gets his dreams made

THE five-year-old boy who had stolen his family’s SUV in a bid to go and buy his dream Lamborghini car with only $3 in his pockets had his fortunes turned when a good Samaritan pulled up at his doorstep in a Lamborghini.

Earlier this week, a toddler from Utah in the US made headline news when he took the keys to his family’s SUV in a bid to buy himself a Lamborghini in California with only $3 in his pocket (about R55) after his mom had told him that he couldn’t get one.

Yet, this little boy had the tables turned and had his dreams made true in just twenty-four hours after the scary ordeal for the Flores family.

Adrian Flores, who disappeared in their family’s Dodge Journey, drove off in the SUV when his older sister Sidney, fell asleep while watching him.

Sidney Flores told Fox News: “He has never done anything like this before.

“He always said he wanted to go to California and buy one, but we never thought it would be the next day. It’s like he planned the whole thing.”

He had managed to get out of their neighbourhood and got all the way onto the highway before he was pulled over by police.

Adrian, who is only five years old, had his dreams shattered until a good Samaritan decided to put a smile on the little boy’s face and encourage habits of success.

While some people would think the little boy should be grounded, or do chores for a lifetime, US news broadcaster Fox News reported that one good Samaritan thought otherwise after the toddler drove almost 5km on his mission.

Lamborghini Huracan owner, Jeremy Neves, thought otherwise and wanted to give Adrian a joyride in his dream car

After the initial shock and excitement, Neves took Adriaan, who sat on his mom’s lap, for a drive in the supercar.

According to the news site, and Neves’ social media post, he wanted to inspire Adrian with positive behaviour despite the criticism after the story went viral this week.

Neves said in his Facebook post: “Now I understand why so few kids grow up and go after their dreams! ????Every news station has posted this story, and there are thousands of comments about “rewarding bad behaviour” and “this kid should be punished”, and all sorts of hateful things about his parents and “the stranger with the Lambo” (me)…

“Want to know the first thought I had when I heard this story? This kid is going to live a happy and successful life. Why?

-He knows exactly what he wants!
-He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it!
-He doesn’t let people who say “that’s impossible” stop him!
-Courage to step into the unknown!
-Honesty! He told the police exactly what he was doing!

“AND then I thought… I want to reward and encourage habits of success!

“I want to help a KID continue to go after his dreams even though his first attempt failed! Oh, and his family might appreciate some support and love from their community after that scary experience!

“I’m a parent! I understand the importance of educating our children… I just choose to include education and encouragement for the great qualities NOT JUST the bad choices!”

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