Masvingo Teachers College quarantined residents moving around without masks despite 12 new cases

Panic as 12 returnees quarantined at Masvingo Teachers College tested positive for covid-19 virus.

Zimmorning Post reports that sources within the President’s Office said on Wednesday that 12 deportees from South Africa and Botswana – who are quarantined at Masvingo Teachers’ College – yesterday tested positive to COVID-19.

The centre, Masvingo Teachers’College, is about 12km from the city and also hosts Great Zimbabwe University.

Of the 12 who reportedly initially tested positive to the deadly COVID-19 virus, six are said to have arrived from South Africa while the remaining came from Botswana.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC), who usually issue out timeous updates on COVID-19, yesterday were conspicuous by their silence, with sources saying the ministry was in panic mode.

A MoHCC source based in Masvingo – who preferred anonymity for fear of reprisals – painted a bleak picture of the quarantine centre:

“There is nothing right at Masvingo Teachers’ College COVID-19 quarantine centre.

“Quarantined returnees from neighbouring South Africa and Botswana go about without personal protective equipment – not even face masks.”

As of yesterday, nothing had reportedly been done to ensure that the 12 who initially tested positive to the virus were treated.

Currently, Zimbabwe has 63 positive cases of COVID-19, and if the latest event in Masvingo is confirmed, the figure of COVID-19 positive cases would rise to 75.

It’s sad that the MoHCC officials appear not to be adequately paying attention to the virus.

“How can people at an isolation or quarantine centre be allowed to move around, as we are seeing here, without putting on face masks,” queried a resident from nearby Rujeko suburb who spoke to Zim Morning Post.

This publication sought to confirm the situation on the ground at Masvingo Teachers’ College with Amadeus Shamu, the Provincial Medical Director:

“The cases you are talking about have not yet been confirmed.

“This is precisely why we are running some retests.

“Call me around 7 pm for a clearer picture of the issue.”

Meanwhile, questions are now being asked whether, with schools set to open their doors to final examinations classes soon, Zimbabwe would be able to cope.

-Zimmorning post

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