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DJ Speedsta mocks Nasty C ‘Nelson Mandela was a clone’ conspiracy interview

Nasty C and DJ Speedsta. Picture: Instagram

DJ Speedsta has poked fun at a Nasty C interview in which the rapper speaks about theories that Nelson Mandela was a clone.

In the interview on VLAD TV, Nasty C said: “there will always be these conspiracies that he was a clone and that the real Mandela died in prison and then they made up a clone, that type of sh*t. I don’t mind it though”.

In the interview, he also spoke about his beef with fellow rapper, A-Reece and the Live AMP and Metro FM host, DJ Speedsta.

When asked about Speedsta, he said: “That (beef) is over something petty. He was doing a little podcast or whatever and he said that Bamm Bamm was his song and he gave it to me and sometimes you just have to do that for artists because they need it.

“I made that beat, I sent you the hook because we had another song we were supposed to drop and I did not like it”.

Nasty C went on to say that if Speedsta was mad about his success he can keep being mad as he did not care.

Watch the full interview below:

Speedsta responded to the interview with some shade saying it was ‘dope’.

He went on to poke fun at the interview by calling himself “Tswana man with power”, referring to Nasty C’s latest album, “Zulu Man with Power”.

Last month the two were involved in a heated exchange where Nasty called Speedsta out for lying.

In case you missed the twar, this is the video and tweet that started the whole thing.


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