Former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard’s body washed up on Venice Beach on Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Country coroner’s office confirmed. Gaspard went missing Sunday, after he was caught in a rip current while swimming at the beach. He was 39.

Gaspard’s body was found by two individuals walking on the beach early Wednesday. Officials said the body matched Gaspard’s description.

UPDATE: officials confirm description of pro wrestler Shad Gaspard matches that of the body discovered after washing up on shore in Venice Beach. @FOXLA @GDLA @LACoLifeguards 💔

— Mario Ramirez (@MarioFOXLA) May 20, 2020
The coroner’s office later confirmed the body was Gaspard’s.

Gaspard went missing after he and his 10-year-old son were caught in a rip current while swimming. Lifeguards went out to help the pair, and Gaspard reportedly told them to assist his son first. They were able to rescue Gaspard’s son, but Gaspard was caught in the current and submerged underwater.

After searching for Gaspard for three days, the Coast Guard called off the search for Gaspard on Tuesday.

After his death was announced, Dwayne The Rock Johnson wrote on social media: “This one hurts. Great guy.

“That’s the love of a father. This is a tough one to process.

“And your warrior spirit lives on through your son.”

The body – discovered by coroner’s officials in the area where Gaspard was pulled out to sea – was spotted on the sand halfway between Venice Beach pier and the lifeguard headquarters, Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Titus Tyler said Wednesday morning.

Gaspard had two stints with WWE during his career. He and Jayson Anthony Paul were part of a tag team known as Cryme Tyme. Gaspard was released from his contract with WWE in 2010 but continued to wrestle on the independent circuit.

WWE paid tribute to Gaspard, saying he was “admired by friends and colleagues for his warmth and humour.”



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