Home Politics Watch:Chiwenga says Zimbabweans “are zombies” for failing to challenge Mnangagwa

Watch:Chiwenga says Zimbabweans “are zombies” for failing to challenge Mnangagwa

CONTROVERSIAL preacher Talent Chiwenga

Controversial government critic Apostle Chiwenga has commented on the recent abduction and subsequent t_rture of 3 female MDC Alliance activists challenging Zimbabweans to stand up against President Mnangagwa.

The firebrand cleric has labelled Zimbabweans as foolish in failing to protest against Mnangagwa and his government.

In a video trending online, Chiwenga says Zimbabweans should unite and “die together” to remove the president from office.

He says;

“The Zimbabwean population does not know they are more than the police, the army and those who work for the intelligence combined. There is no amount of gun power that can silence the voice of all the Zimbabweans.

“We no longer have humans in Zimbabwe, most of our people have turned into animals, they have turned into zombies, they have turn into insane people.

“How do you justify the abuse of the abuse of those MDC activists because they participated in a demonstration that is illegal.”

Chiwenga claims he is not afraid to die because he has survived 7 attempted assassinations. He says;

“I am not afraid to die because I have died already.”

He claims Zimbabweans need a psychological overhaul.

WATCH VIDEO for more;

-Video Credit Zigo Tv

-Harare Live

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