Controversial poet Ntsiki Mazwai has revealed that she once had a dalliance with her friend’s husband.

This comes after the poet had an open discussion with her followers on social media.

In a video she posted on Twitter, Ntsiki initially started off by asking married men to stop hitting on her but quickly said that it would only be okay if their wives knew and allowed it.

“Can I just ask married men to stop hitting on me? I have a very big ego and it doesn’t allow for me to take somebody’s leftovers, so, please. And I mean we have had this conversation before unless your wife agrees and I have a relationship with her and I am like ‘girl are you okay can I borrow your p_nis?'”, she said.

She went on to reveal that, that has happened before.

“That has happened before where she was like you know what my man’s p_nis is so nice I don’t mind sharing and I was like okay let me go check it out. I checked it out, I came back to her and I was like girl, damn, it is nice”.

She went on to further say that she was not a secret. “When you hit on me and you got somebody must I be hiding? I am not a secret, I am not something that is going to happen in a shady corner. If you want to come to have a night with me, you are going to tell your wife that it is Ntsiki’s turn today”.

Watch the full video below:



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