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“Makandiwa warned us”: Jealous Mawarire speaks on Chinese covid-19 ‘experts’ departure and cases rise

Zimbabwean government critic Jealous Mawarire yesterday raised alarm over how covid-19 cases’ rise coincided with the recent visit and departure os ‘so-called’ Chinese health experts.

Harare Live has seen the post, referring to Prophet Makandiwa’s prophecy, Mawarire castigates the Chinese’s likely influence in the growing infections which may cause a great catastrophe should the situation escalate.

He said;

“After the so-called Chinese doctors left Covid-19 cases spike, we now have an unprecedented 76 cases recorded. @prmakandiwa warned us that we will have to “to do everything to sweep our place” after they leave,” Mawarire said.

The country recorded 76 new cases bringing the total to 132 cases after samples were taken from returnees in quarantine indicating a never before seen trend since the pandemic hit Zimbabwe.

The 76 new cases were recorded in Beitbridge, Masvingo and Harare respectively.

Social media was yesterday awash with various commentaries on the latest development showing some panic as reports of quarantined individuals are absconding or escaping from the isolation centres some view as ‘unpleasant’.

Some returnees were once mixed with deported prisoners from South Africa resulting in a scuffle, at some point, where a former convict st_bbed a returnee with scissors and was charged with attempted murder.

These inmates had to be transferred to remand prison for holding pending their covid-19 results.

Prophet Makandiwa Prophecy;

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa in 2016 prophesied about the coming in of Chinese disguised as medical doctors and these have some hidden agenda.

“I am not a CIO, I am not in the intelligence department… there is a group of people coming and you would think an angel has arrived but this has nothing to do with the medical sector…” Makandiwa says.

“Whoever comes in has to be investigated… because of the level of desperation, we will embrace them”

“It is an operation, they appeared as physicians but that is not the case…”

Below is Makandiwa’s prophecy; Watch:

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