Social media poll suggests Dj Zinhle should have another baby NOW!!!

After a week of posting adorable moments with Kairo on her Instagram Stories, DJ Zinhle shared a poll, asking whether she should consider making Kairo a sibling – and more than half of her fans gave her a resounding yes.

One of the perks of being a celebrity with millions of followers is that fans aren’t shy to tell you what they think, and it seems like DJ Zinhle’s fans are ready to see her preggies again.

“Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to have another baby?” Zinhle asked.

A hefty 69% of the DJ’s Instagram followers figured there’s no time like the present while the remaining 31% weren’t keen on seeing their fave DJ get pregnant just yet.

A screenshot from DJ Zinhle's Instagram stories showing her poll.

A screenshot from DJ Zinhle’s Instagram stories showing her poll.
Image: Instagram/DJ Zinhle

Zinhle has previously shared that she wanted one more child. She said it in an interview with Azania on 3Talk, repeating a sentiment she once shared with Drum.

“I want more kids. I regret having a child late in life. I wish I could have had one earlier, but I am ready for more now,” she said.

31% of Zinhle’s fans think that having a baby during a global pandemic is not the ideal situation.

But a quick look on Kairo’s Instagram and all the cuteness there will make you understand why Zinhle may be broody …

Baby Kairo was the cutest tbh!

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