WATCH: Lasizwe gets creative as he makes fun of S.A cashiers

Lasizwe is at it again, this time poking fun at the country’s essential services workers – grocery store cashiers.

YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza seems consistent in his quest to deliver the much-needed laughter, especially during the national lockdown.

In his latest skit, the star is seen imitating cashiers from the three major popular grocery stores, leaving tweeps in stitches.

The first segment sees the cashier, being polite to the customer, sterilising the surfaces and her hands before assisting the client. She even sanitised the customer’s grocery bag.

The second part of the skit the star portrays total opposite of the first cashier with the cashier being extremely rude, chewing gum while shouting at the client for using the sanitiser in the store.

Fans are having a field day as Lasizwe reminds Mzansi of the important health measure such as physical distancing, what to do when you sneezing in public and mostly importantly for people to stay at home, in the effort to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic.

The video has over 120K views and is number three on the YouTube trends page in South Africa at the time of writing.

“Teller: why you not staying home? Customer: do you think essential goods will fall from the sky…This whole video is Gold 😂 thanks for keeping us sane during this time, ” commented one of his subscribers.

Another viewer added: “Lasizwe is such a great South African youth representative I’m so proud of him. Lasizwe keep it up cause I’m seeing a star on the walk of Fame with ur name on it.”

Below are some of Twitter reaction:


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