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South African musician and Reverend, Benjamin Dube, has made the bold decision to keep his church closed until all members of the congregation are able to attend.

The leader of High Praise Centre took to Instagram on Monday, 1 June 2020, to inform his followers that despite President Ramaphosa’s allowance of 50 people within the church, he has decided to wait until further notice.

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He stated, “Though the government has given churches the opportunity to assemble and be together, under strict conditions, High Praise Centre is not going to open our doors for everyone to come in.

We are going to stay closed until level 2, if level 2 allows us to open to everyone. If it is level 1 that allows us to open to everyone, we will consider opening at level 1… By virtue of the number of congregants we have, we are not able to open for only 50 people maximum.

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We have taken this decision to keep the church closed until everyone is allowed to come.”

The decision to reopen churches was one of the points, amongst many, which caused pandemonium amongst South Africans.

Many have spoken out about the potential danger of having mass gathers and praised Rev Benjamin for making a decision who considered the safety of his congregation.

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This is a Corvid 19 Announcement – Rev.Benjamin Dube

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“Do it as unto God”

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