flash protests
File picture: protests in Zimbabwe

Flash protests took place in the high-density suburb of Highfields in Harare on 02 June, 2020 where angry citizens and opposition parties sang “povo yaramba” song. The protests are believed to have started as a funeral procession and ended up as a protest.

Sources close to the development suggest there is a combination of opposition supporters who have been angered by the recent government intervention in the court assisted leadership change in their party MDC Alliance and hungry citizens who haven’t received any government assistance during the lockdown.


Zimbabwe’s main opposition party MDC Alliance has been under siege from another party MDC-T that is believed to be backed by the ruling Zanu PF government. The smaller party assumed control of the bigger MDC Alliance party after the country Supreme Court controversially directed the party to revert to 2014 structures before the split. The High Court also upheld a decision by the MDC-T to recall MPs from the MDC Alliance. The developments were carried out during the national lockdown to avert protests.

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Zimbabweans have also been angered by the lack of concern from the government since the Coronavirus pandemic started. The country’s Finance Minister Mthuli Nfube lied that they had paid the vulnerable people through a sophisticated algorithm. The lies were only exposed by the country’s social welfare Minister who admitted the government had not disbursed covid-19 aid.

Similar protests also happened in Warren Park resulting in the arrest of MDC Alliance youth leader Tererai Obey Sithole and abduction of other female opposition leaders such as Harare West legislator Joana Mamombe.

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Recently social media has been full of messages and campaigns against Zanu PF with People Power and Zanu PF Must Go slogans and hashtags trending. People Power and Zanu PF Must Go Paintings have also been done in various public places in Harare and other cities.-Savannah

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