John Doch, who is Covid-19 positive, has been missing since Friday afternoon after a security guard allowed him to leave the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. On the right is a screen-grab from security footage taken just before Doch left the stadium Image: SUPPLIED

A South African elderly Covid-19 positive patient has disappeared from the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium isolation unit and his livid family are firmly pointing the finger at a security guard.

John Doch, 73, who lives in Graaff-Reinet, was driven by ambulance to the stadium at 9pm last Thursday after testing positive for Covid-19.

Less than 24 hours later, he was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe eleven people have escaped from Bulawayo’s quarantine centres while a total of 169 returnees have escaped countrywide, posing challenges in efforts to reduce the number of local Covid-19 transmissions.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said 11 people had escaped from quarantine centres in Bulawayo while 169 had escaped from centres countrywide.

“Bulawayo province currently has a total number of 11 escapees from quarantine Centre. We have a problem with Matabeleland South due to its proximity to the border to South Africa. 95 returnees have so far escaped form quarantine centres there. This poses a challenge as the country is trying to curb the spread of Covid-19 as the number of cases are going up,” said Asst Comm Nyathi.

Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister Cde Judith Ncube urged residents not to habour escapees as that puts the city at great risk of Covid-19.

“It is bad and irresponsible for someone to escape from a quarantine centre as they may take Covd-19 to the community when we are trying to control it. Do the right thing and stay there until the number of days are over and you have been retested. I urge the Bulawayo community not to harbour them but advise them to finish their quarantine days for the purpose of public health. Truly loving your family members does not involve putting them at risk and I urge all of us to unite on this. To those that suspect that someone is hiding a Covid-19 returnee, I urge you to report because no effort is too small,” said the Minister.


11 escape quarantine in Bulawayo

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