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“We are witches”: Tsikamutanda makes chilling confession {Watch}

‘We are in fact, witches and we use those powers to give to fake prophets’, former Tsikamutanda admits upon repenting.

The man goes out to a particular dam with Reverend Chivasa’s church crew who film the whole confession.

In a 1 hour video, this man reveals gusty details of what they usually did to make money.

The man exposes how he decided to give his life to Jesus.

“I used to go for a month staying underwater, I could even cause those little boys playing in the dam to drown.” He says.

He reveals how the demons like human blood and how it causes accidents.

“I can call someone in Namibia to send me money and they would just throw it in the river and I get it here.

“That is why we conduct rituals in the water, offering rice sacrifices”, He adds.

“I get all my power from the mermaid spirit. I can call your name and cause suffering in your life, I could show you those I made go mad or poor,” chilling confession continues.

“I used to use my powers to cause fights in bars, taxi ranks where people end up spilling blood.” He says.

Watch to learn more;

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