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Temba Mliswa barred from parliament: See reason

CONTROVERSIAL Norton MP, Temba Mliswa was Wednesday suspended for a continuous six house sittings by Speaker Jacob Mudenda over rowdy behaviour.

But an angry Mliswa, reacting to the move, accused Mudenda of failing to reprimand Zanu MPs who have been provoking him in the house for a long time.

Mliswa was recently involved in an altercation with Zanu PF Gokwe-Sesame MP, Gorden Chanda with the former standing up in the house to grab the legislator by the collar.

He was restrained from further attacking Chanda by other MPs.

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But during Wednesday’s session, Mudenda reprimanded Mliswa over utterances and other allegations involving the legislator as he ordered the fiery MP to apologise.

Mudenda read a lengthy document with several allegations on Mliswa’s misconduct in the house even during the previous year.

These include claims by the lawmaker the Speaker was biased towards his Zanu PF colleagues in the house.

“Even after being provoked, Mliswa was becoming outrageously unbecoming.

“Honourable Mliswa, apologise for your threatening disorderly behaviour. I must warm the Honourable Member that stiffer heavier penalties await him if this kind of behaviour is repeated,” said Mudenda leading to Mliswa apologising.

But just a few minutes after the apology, Mliswa accused some Zanu PF MPs of provoking him again.

The Speaker and Mliswa argued over the matter until everything boiled up.

“Why are you not reprimanding them?” charged Mliswa.

He was ordered to withdraw his comments.

“I cannot be told to withdraw all the time when others are not told to withdraw,” Mliswa said.

“It never works like that. The law is for both sides. Therefore, I withdraw but may they be reprimanded when it is their time.

“We are also human. Our self-esteem is important when we come here.

“We were elected by people. They have the manifesto which they cannot follow, and the economy is dying…”

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Mliswa also pleaded with Mudenda to be heard on his previous confrontation with Chanda.

“Mr. Speaker, I brought it up. On Honourable Chanda, I brought it up. It was well heard. I pleaded that I am being attacked, I kept on being attacked. I said I can attack back.

“Over my dead father’s body, people heard me say that, please rescue me. I was being attacked but in your ruling, you did not even reprimand him.

“The truth must be said and I am prepared to be suspended for the truth. My constituency is more important than being in this House. I am ready to be suspended. I am better off in my constituency than a bunch of empty heads like these…why are you not reprimanding them.”

This is when Mudenda suspended Mliswa from the house.

“Honourable Mliswa, you are removed from the House for the next six sittings.”

As Mliswa left the house, he shouted, “Even for good, I do not like being here. It is a useless House Mr. Speaker, it must be fair. Not partisan. My constituency is more important.”-New Zimbabwe